The Reader, A Snail, The Rabbits, Anniversary – On the Seawall
My Mother’s Spider – Bennington Review
Dussen Castle – Image
Postdiluvian by Bosch – Image
Second Level Window – Terrain
Three Days, Coppice, Cidada – On the Seawall
Chorus – poem-a-day
Summer Home, A Crossing, The Instrument – The Adroit Journal
Little Songs – The Adroit Journal
An Allegory – Bennington Review
from Flood Myth – Black Box Manifold
Patrimony, Heather Green, Earth and Water – CURA
The Lake and the Skiff – The Volta
Bildungsroman – The New Republic
Time Ghazal – The New Republic
Body of Moving and Light – Verse Daily
Body of Dreams – Slate
Purgatorio – poem-a-day
The Dung Pile – Verse Daily
On relational poetics, erasure and mixed form in ErringsThe Conversant
On travel and new poems – American Academy in Rome
Introducing and interviewing Louise Glück 2016.05.11 – Lannan Foundation
Reading “A Bridge” and “Erring” 2014.06.05 – American Academy in Rome
Reading “Patrimony” and “Erring” 2014.03.06 – Malvern Books
Idiot Bigmouth Leads Us to a Gathering of Birds (w/artist John Davis) – Rabbit Light Films
The New Mixed Form: An Introduction – The Volta
On Czelsaw Milosz’s “The Separate Notebooks” – At Length
Three Questions – Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook
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